Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

If your kitchen has older yet classic looking cabinet doors that you wish to give a facelift to, Premier Fine Wood Finishing offers kitchen cabinet refinishing services to give your cabinets a fresh new look.

We can:

  • Do a quick refresh. This is the most economical way to go. We clean up, repair and perform touchups to the nicks and wear areas restoring them to near nearly new condition.
  • Do a complete refinishing of the cabinets changing the color, finish or style. The process takes about a week depending upon the size and scope of your project. We start by consulting with you about the look you want to achieve. Once we get in the right direction, we will create a sample and adjust colors from there. We make our own dyes and pigment blends so you can achieve pretty much any look you can dream up. Once a color and look is achieved we take all doors and drawer fronts to the shop to do the finish there. We use a spraybooth like you would paint a car in to get the best finish possible. Next, we finish the frames, carefully taping off and covering everything in the room. We take great care in our finish work to provide a truly beautiful high-end furniture grade looking product you can’t buy at a cabinet shop.

Have you ever looked at a wood finish that looked like you could reach into it? That is what we make out of your kitchen or bath cabinets.

Something special.